Danscend's Dance Educator Certifications

Level one of Danscend's Dance Educator Certification Program helps educators learn to care for the mental wellness of their students as well as themselves. This introductory certification level touches on the following topics through the eBook companion:

  • Giving constructive feedback

  • Encouraging a growth mindset in students

  • Creating a safe space in the dance studio

  • Nourishing a positive dance community

  • Encouraging mental wellness by leading by example

The companion eBook, How to Care for Your Dancers' Mental Wellness, focuses on creating an environment in the dance studio that supports and encourages the mental wellness of dancers and educators. After reading, educators can complete the accompanying assessment virtually, housed here, in less than an hour.

Make sure to grab your free copy of the eBook by clicking here so that you can be ready for the assessment!

Upon successful completion of the assessment,

educators will be issued a printable certificate of completion.

What's Included

  Danscend Educator Certification - Learning Assessment - Level 1
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days after you enroll

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Dance Educator Certification - Level 1

The assessment that corresponds to the training in the eBook companion: How to Care for Your Dancers' Mental Wellness.

This level 1 assessment and subsequent certification covers the following topics from the eBook companion How to Care for Your Dancer's Mental Wellness: giving constructive feedback, encouraging a growth mindset in students, creating a safe space in the dance studio, nourishing a positive dance community, and encouraging mental wellness by leading by example.