About This Virtual Course

This four-hour virtual training session guides dance competition judges and educators in how to better provide feedback to dancers in a way that supports and encourages their mental wellness.

Educators will learn about how to support positive dancer self-talk, encourage a healthy body image, give constructive feedback, and craft educational and supportive critiques that support and empower dancers.

***After the completion of the course, dance educators will have the option to complete a learning assessment to receive a Danscend Mental Wellness Educator Level 1 Certification.

This workshop covers the following topics:

  • The Importance of mental wellness in the dance competition community
  • How to give constructive and supportive feedback in a competition setting
  • Common mental wellness challenges dancers encounter
  • The power of language choice in feedback
  • Educator/student relationship dynamics
  • Judge/educator self-care

This course is closed for enrollment.