Danscend for Dance


Dance teachers teach SO much more than just dance steps

All teachers are influencers. Whether they’re in front of the classroom teaching algebra or in front of a dance studio teaching pliés, teachers have a massive impact on the students they instruct.

According to the Youth Mental Health First Aid website, “One in five youth will experience a mental health challenge at some point during their life.” And educators are on the front lines of this mental health crisis. 

Dancers are both artists and athletes. They operate at an extremely high level of skill, but they are also often still developing. It is the dance educator’s duty to make sure to care for the mental wellness of these young people in today’s volatile climate. The dance studio should be a safe place to explore, a place to grow, and a place that inspires a genuine and supportive community. Unfortunately, oftentimes, it isn’t. 

When it comes to the mental wellness of dancers, teachers can be a part of the cause or a part of the cure. We are so glad that you are here and that you are interested in expanding your knowledge and capacity to nurture, encourage, and shape the minds of your students.