Mental Wellness Worksheet Packet

For Musical Theatre Artists

Danscend worksheets guide performing artists through learning about, reflecting on, and creating healthier practices around mental wellness in their musical theatre journey.

This worksheet packet of 10 addresses the following topics:

  • The Importance of Training Your Mind
  • Musical Theatre and Your Identity
  • Reframing Negative Self-Talk
  • Improving Body Image
  • Understanding Perfectionism
  • Creating a Practice of Self-Reflection
  • Fostering Healthy Competition
  • Moving Through Rejection and Failure
  • Creating Healthier Mental Habits
  •  Coping with Stress

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Each two-page printable PDF worksheet includes:

  • Understandable information on the topic gathered from peer-reviewed research
  • Examples of dancers encountering these topics inside and outside the studio
  • Practical exercises for application of this information to dancers' everyday lives